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  My name is Brayden Reber.  I'm a husband to my incredible wife Lauren, father to my amazing boy Parker, and have alwasy considered myself a creator and maker.

  I've been making movies, wedding films, promotional content, social media ads, engagement films, drone cinematography, company 'about' videos, and family movies for 6 years now.  I got my start with a camera by helping my wife with her photography business about 8 years ago, where I found myself wanting to do and show more than I felt able with the photos I was taking.

  Fast forward to where I am now; I have a full-time position with an 8-figure a year software company producing video ads, short-form video content, instructional training videos, Youtube and Facebook focused marketing, and am in charge of asset creation and production of live streams that can bring in hundreds and hundreds of live viewers.  It really is incredible to look at where I've come from, and all I'm capable of executing now.

  I believe I have the skills, equipment, and experience necessary to help you develop a video strategy for your business; to craft and deliver your voice and message to your clients, and to create amazing content that educates, entertains, provides amazing value, and builds authority, credibility, and following in your market.

  I would love to talk with you about your business, your project, your event; whatever it is you want to shout from the rooftops, share with the masses, or amplify the impact of with professional, quality video content and graphic design.

Let's create something amazing together.  Message me so we can start the conversation about how I can help you!

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