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A collection of stories we've helped to capture.


about me

       When I first picked up a camera, it was as a second shooting lackey for my beautiful and talented wife.  Her photography business was booming and kept her busy and always on the move; joining her on her shoots was an opportunity to spend some time with her that i jumped at.  But it didn't take long for it to become more.  As my skill with the camera grew, so too did my ambition and passion to create.  I wanted to tell more of a story then i felt able with a single photograph, and I soon found myself flipping the switch to video mode.

        Since then, my arsenal of tools and techniques has grown, and along with it, my drive and determination to deliver the best narrative and most genuine story i'm able.  With quality video, audio, and editing, accurately focused and aligned with your goals, hopes, dreams, and passions;  I will provide a means for you to remember, deliver, savor, and share, the moments and messages that are your story.